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Cue up the Boyz II Men. Light some candles. It's time to bid adieu to some of the TV shows and movies that have brought you so much joy on Netflix. We're gathered here today to bring you the sad news of the dearly beloved titles soon to be departing the 'flix throughout October.

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Do you have your coping materials at the ready? Great, let's take a quick perusal through just a few pop culture touchstones about to leave us forever. The vampires may be eternal, but Twilight , it turns out, is not. The saga that spawned several sequels' time on Netflix is short-lived, much like RPattz and KStew's relationship too soon? All of the stories in this book are set in the world of Mercy Thompson.

I was a little disappointed that a couple of the stories did not feature any of the characters that I have grown to love over the years but the stories that did feature familiar characters more than made up for it. Silver - 4. This story is set very far in the past and I loved learning Bran and Samuel's background.

This story also shows how Samuel and Arianna first met. None of the characters in this story appear in any of the books set in Mercy's world which surprised me.

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I liked this story the least out of the anthology. Gray - 4 Stars This is another story that featured characters that I have not seen in any of the books set in Mercy's world but I loved it anyway. I actually have read this story before in another anthology. This story features a vampire named Elyna coming home to Chicago. Tom enlists Moira to help him rescue his brother. It was wonderful to see how this pair meets and I loved everything about Moira. Alpha and Omega - 5 Stars This is my favorite Briggs story of all time.

Anyone who wants to sample how good Patricia Briggs writing really is should read this novella length piece. I have actually read this story several times and I love it a little more each time.

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He gets a call from his daughter that he has not spoken with in many years. He agrees to help Stella with one a foster boy which leads to a lot of excitement. This story had a little bit of everything and was a really nice read. Roses in Winter - 5 Stars This story was amazing. I loved this story that featured Asil and Kara but also included Bran and others that I know and love.

Asil and Kara's relationship in this story was so nice to read about. Watching the troubled Asil help Kara through her troubles was wonderful. The story starts off strong when a zombie shows up at Kyle's office. Warren works to solve the mystery behind the zombie. I thought this story was a lot of fun. Redemption - 3. This story was set at Ben's work and has quite a few funny moments as Ben gives up swearing. Ben works to protect a woman from his workplace that he is in danger.


I loved seeing this side of Ben. Hollow - 4 Stars I was excited to read a new Mercy story. Mercy investigates a haunting for a woman who is in love. I loved that Zach and Adam played parts in this enjoyable story. In all, I loved this book of stories. There were even a couple of outtakes at the end of the book that I found delightful.

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View all 5 comments. Oct 29, Maja The Nocturnal Library rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , just-another-book-crush , cover-lust , magic , favorites , werewhatevers , i-see-dead-people , multiple-povs , the-fae-are-so-scary , urban-fantasy. Shifting Shadows is a collection of short stories and novellas from the world of Mercy Thompson. But even without those four stories, owning all these stories about Mercy and her friends in one gorgeous hardcover edition is certainly worth i Shifting Shadows is a collection of short stories and novellas from the world of Mercy Thompson.

But even without those four stories, owning all these stories about Mercy and her friends in one gorgeous hardcover edition is certainly worth its price. Patty also shared her feelings about certain characters and situations, which was an added bonus. Some of my favorite characters from this world were finally given a chance to shine like the stars they are.

I was always fascinated by the Moor, and while I suspected that he might have a softer side, seeing it firsthand was practically priceless. View 1 comment. Aug 02, Heather C rated it it was amazing Shelves: cloud , historical , ebook , fantasy , fae , paranormal-romance , mystery , vampire , series , the-blogger-girls. All the others were new to me and if I would have known that some of them already existed, I would have gotten to them sooner.

One thing that also makes this collection so great is that the author has written and little introduction for each story giving a brief background or where the idea derived from. Silver new - This tells the tale of Samuel and Ariana and is just as bittersweet and tragic as I expected; good thing there is a sweet scene of them in one of the outtakes at the end of the book. It brought back one major detail that I had originally forgotten: Bran and Samuel were changed at the same time…making Samuel nearly as old as Bran! Plus, there were no werewolves. For a sad story, this actually turned out to be very sweet.

The Star of David Previously published in the anthology Wolfsbane and Mistletoe - This one is set during Christmas time and is about the werewolf David from Moon Called and his relationship with his long-lost daughter. Oh, and there was a werewolf, a vampire…and a warlock!!

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Roses in Winter new - This was my favorite story!! I even cried!!

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Very heavy on the pack politics here, which one of the things I love about this world. In Red, with Pearls Previously published in the anthology Down These Strange Streets - I loved this story about Warren and Kyle and it is the second and only other story in this compilation that I had previously read.

I wish I could read more about these two. On a happy note, it was interesting to see the changes that Ben has made within himself that will directly affect his future place in the pack.

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Plus, there was a nice scene with Adam. Hollow new - This was my second favorite story!! And with nothing more pressing to do, she agrees to go on ghost hunt and takes Zach, the newest pack member, along as her bodyguard. Poor Adam should know better than to let Mercy go off on her own…it always turns into a dangerous disaster. Intriguing little mystery and I liked how it was told form alternating POVs. There was even some sexual tension!! After reading Silver , it was nice to see something happy happen between these two.

But overall, this is a must read for any fan of the Mercedes Thompson or Alpha and Omega series. More Mercy? Unfortunately despite the promise of more stories from the Mercy Thompson world and the as-usual intriguing cover, I was bored with a majority of these stories. I'm one of those odd fans who doesn't prefer the Alpha and Omega series. In fact, I didn't even like the first book since it felt like paranormal romance overload to me.

Most of the stories in Shifting Sands focuses on side characters and I mean SIDE characters, those who only appear briefly for a season , and a majority of those are familiar to those who read the Alpha and Omega books. One story, Fairy Gifts, didn't seem to have anything to do with either series other than being set in the same world-building. I'm a fan of Bran, who wouldn't be?

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Alpha and Omega was one I was curious about because I remember being put off by the fact the two main characters had already met and bonded before the series officially started. Apparently this short story is what introduced the pair, like a mini-prequel of what was to come.