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Start your review of The Silent Prophet. This isn't a novel, this is a lecture.

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And for a lecture, it's not too conclusive of a lecture to be interesting. After reading this book, I was left with a sense of deep melancholy and alienation. This is not to say that the book is depressing - far from it, it is very engaging and penetrates the superficial public image of revolution leaders created and left to us by media, and brings out the real person that remains hidden behind this image.

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Referred to as Roth's Trotsky novel, the book loosely borrows from the life of the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky to draw its own central character Friedrich After reading this book, I was left with a sense of deep melancholy and alienation. Referred to as Roth's Trotsky novel, the book loosely borrows from the life of the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky to draw its own central character Friedrich Kargan. Kargan, at a young age gets involved in the revolution, spends time in the Siberian prison after being caught in an attempt to enter Russia to spread his ideas; he escapes and returns to Russia after the revolution to become the leader of the red army.

However, after his return, he is perturbed with the growing bureaucratization of his country and realizes that the revolution he was trying to bring was already a dead idea and he already a man belonging to the past generation. Disappointed, he chooses exile to Germany and spends his time in solitude and a discontent that is caused by rootlessness.

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Through the writing, Roth has beautifully impounded on the disillusion that follows a great revolution, when all the ideas leading up to a revolution suddenly become extinct in the world after the inflection point arrives. The peak of such a great up-heaving then, is also its nadir and it leaves the leaders of such a revolution to leave gaping and without goals - now that their work is apparently over. It is also a novel of exile and alienation, bringing to front in Roth's own words as to how it feels on being banished from your own country. It was a feeling that presumably also played largely in his own life after the collapse of the Hapsburg empire where he had been serving in the army.

In many ways, Kargan could be said to draw from Roth himself as much as he drew from Trotsky. Perhaps, that is why the words do not sound superimposed and ring with a disturbing reality, not even losing this reality through the translation. The solitude that is present throughout the book, is suddenly confronted by Roth in the chapters of his exile, specially when Kargan falls ill: He lay alone in his room, in fever's soft delirium, cosseted by solitude for the first time.

Till now he had known only its cruel constancy and its obstinate muteness. Now he recognized its gentle friendship and caught the quite melody of its voice. No friend, no loved one and no comrade. Only thoughts came, like children, simultaneously begotten, born and grown Expressive words with a resounding sincerity. It is of course credit also to the translator, David Le Vay, that the sincerity transpired to the English text as well.

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  • The Editor's note tells me that the manuscript was never revised and prepared for publication during Roth's lifetime - he had apparently shelved his Trotsky novel, even after making 3 diligent drafts. The published text is a result of a laborious and painstaking task of reconstructing the final work by leafing parts of the three drafts together. Another small masterpiece from Joseph Roth! Yet another character who has a problem settling down in the period between the World wars. Friedrich is an engaging character and I found myself identifying with a lot of his views. It is always interesting to see the way in which one's revolutionary ideals are absorbed and diluted by the mundane day to day round.

    Despite the claim by the critics that Friedrich represents Trotsky in the unfolding drama of the Russian revolution, it makes no real Another small masterpiece from Joseph Roth! Despite the claim by the critics that Friedrich represents Trotsky in the unfolding drama of the Russian revolution, it makes no real difference to the validity of the tale, which can be read as it stands without looking for correspondences.

    Este libro esta recontruido a base de las notoa que Roth dejo. Oct 12, Steve Middendorf rated it really liked it. A trip to the states allowed me to order copies of everything of his I haven't read. At one level this a character wandering Europe between the World wars. At another, this is Roth's explanation of what went wrong with the Russian revolution: parable of Trotsky and Stalin. I expected a more literal historical treatment and got what Roth thought it felt like to be Trotsky. And yet his 'we', his 'our', his 'us' recalled the way in which the employees of a large department store identify themselves with their firm event though they do not share their master's income.

    Pencil in hand, a sheet of white paper in front of me. From a small piece of paper, not to mention a large sheet, there emanates a stillness and a solitude. A desert could not be more tranquil. Sit down with an empty notebook in a noisy cafe - you are at once alone. Second, it's practical, because there are various things one shouldn't forget.

    Third, a diary is a safeguard against the all-too-hectic activity to which our calling condemns us, as it were. It helps us to distance events. Fourth, I write because Savelli would despise it as bourgeois sentimentality if he knew about it. They are unable to hate. They are unable to become excited. It is their most zealous endeavour, not to defeat the enemy but to understand him.

    Eventually they come to know him so well that they own him to be right and can no longer attack him.

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    I found it, although it is a fictionalization of a historical person's life, of a significant, controversial, almost mythical person, rather simple and light. The narrative flows with a chraracter presented as usually being detached from a very turbulent era and country, althought he was one of the protagonists, who changed the course of history. Maybe this was the secret of his grandeur, leading in action mostly, and secondly in intellectual activity.

    The description of historical facts is I found it, although it is a fictionalization of a historical person's life, of a significant, controversial, almost mythical person, rather simple and light. The description of historical facts is diminished to minimum; the personal and emotional life of the hero prevails over an impersonal description of movements, action, revolutions, diplomatic and royal intrigues.

    His relations are depicted vividly, captivating, sometimes only, the imagination. A melancholic tone, of a past epoch, that has gone for ever, make the reading nostalgic. Aug 21, Richard rated it it was amazing Shelves: re-reading-for-the-umpteenth-time. The Knut Hamsun is slow, meandering I am being serious, this reads , almost like Geza Csaths stories Roth, conversely, writes like a man drunk on life and knowing he may die tomorrow and he HAS to get this out before he does.

    Always a pleasure reading the real, the only Roth any sensible reader should read. Every page has a sentence of truth that one feels the need to copy on paper, to share with a loved one. My wife hates it when I read The Knut Hamsun is slow, meandering This went on until a miniature radio receiver was found hidden in his ear — and that his wife radioed him all the information. But he was not exposed by one of the several thousand more or less Charismatic visitors, among whom one would expect to find the gift of discernment of spirits.

    An atheist, James Randi, figured it out. It is well known that the children of this world are more wise than the children of light Luke Randi dedicated himself to take a closer look at such faith healers. When Randi presented his discoveries about these deceptions, Popoff countered: "He is of the devil"! This is the frequent reaction of super-spiritual faith healers when anyone questions their "signs and wonders".

    Yet even after this expose the American magazine Charisma printed whole-page ads and Christians gave money to this "man of God". Why is it that so many believers can be so gullible? Another Pentecostal healer who intended to help faith along with questionable means was W. He could also call people by their names, lengthen their legs and produce other apparently astonishing miracles.

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    • But finally it became clear that it was all staged. Actors among the audience imitated diseases and then the healing. Those who could miraculously stand up from a wheelchair could already walk without a wheelchair before the event, as it was later discovered CIB Bulletin, Jan. Such "wheelchair-healings" during mass evangelistic meetings are a favorite. A missionary to Africa who recently accompanied me to Tansania related that his children were eyewitnesses of a Reinhard Bonnke evangelistic campaign near the slums of Nairobi.


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      They sat in some kind of balcony towards the side and realized how a healthy person sitting in a wheelchair was pushed to the front. With much excitement and joyful hallelujahs the "healed man" jumped from his chair. This led to the "conversion" of many.. The children were upset and confronted the representative of Bonnke's missions agency, CfaN Christ for all the Nations that this was deception.

      But he had no problems with this kind of "preaching", since it creates and strengthens faith in many. Pastor Helmut Weidemann, who investigated the objective, medical evidence of a supposed and widely publicized faith healing through Reinhard Bonnke here in Germany, commented later with resignation: "I have never seen so much dishonesty in my life. The magazine "Aufatmen", in reference to Benny Hinn and his book about the Holy Spirit and healings, stated:.