Manual Jeffersons Poplar Forest: Unearthing a Virginia Plantation

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A close look at this object reveals that the hole for the bowl broke through the bottom, leaving the pipe blank useless as final pipe. Enslaved peoples carved these stone pipes, either to use themselves, share with friends and family, or to sell.

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These stone pipes corroborate other evidence of ties of friendship, marriage, and family ties between enslaved and free African Americans in various locations in the 18 th and 19 th centuries. Courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association.

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While George Washington did have dental troubles for much of his life, the story that his false teeth were made of wood is false. George Washington had dentures made of many materials, including human teeth. In the 18 th century, it was common practice for dentists to purchase teeth from poor people for use in dentures or tooth transplants. They were likely enslaved people living at Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Ladies Association.

Unearthing a Virginia Plantation 1 - Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest

Accessed July 13, Pogue, Dennis J. Thompson, Mary V.

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White, Esther. Heath, Barbara J. Edited by Barbara Heath and Jack Gary. University Press of Florida, Pages Eric completed his undergraduate training in history and anthropology at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.


He then received his Masters degree in historical archaeology from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and his PhD in Environmental Dynamics from the University of Arkansas with concentrations in historical archaeology, environmental archaeology, and environmental history. Topics of interest include nineteenth-century agricultural communities, landscape archaeology, historical ecology, plantation studies, site-formation processes, spatial analysis, and teaching students and the general public about historical archaeology and the broader history of Poplar Forest.

For the Wing Re-analysis Dr. Proebsting will be working to integrate all of the field records from the excavations into a comprehensive geographic information system in order to conduct more thorough spatial analyses of the artifacts recovered.

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She is currently in the process of finishing her PhD dissertation in Historical Archaeology focused on the Coloma gold mining town, Montana. She has worked on several projects in Connecticut and Montana.

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In Virginia, she has worked on various sites including Werowocomoco, Menokin, and most recently Farfield, located in Gloucester County. Jenn is responsible for the daily management of the Wing Re-analysis project and will direct the cataloguing efforts as well as conduct new analyses on the artifacts and faunal collection from the Wing.

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After receiving her undergraduate degree in Archaeology and Environmental Studies, she joined the staff in as a field technician on two major landscape restoration projects, including excavation of the West Allee of paper mulberry trees and the subsequent Ornamental Clumps and Oval Beds project. Under the direction of Dr. Eric Proebsting and Lori Lee, Collins was able to conduct research regarding the archaeology of enslaved childhood at Poplar Forest.

Winner of the undergraduate Student Paper Competition at the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference, she was awarded the opportunity to publish her research in the volume of the Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology.