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The streets were in that half-liquid, half-congealed condition peculiar to the streets of Chicago at that season of the year. He later published it in his collection Holidays On Ice. I wear green velvet knickers, a forest green velvet smock and a perky little hat decorated with spangles. This is my work uniform.

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The three wise men who followed the star to Bethlehem dominates the traditional biblical plot, but Van Dyke traces the steps of the elusive fourth wise man in his story. The many-coloured terraces of black and orange and red and yellow and green and blue and white, shattered by the convulsions of nature, and crumbling under the repeated blows of human violence, still glittered like a ruined rainbow in the morning light.

The author of The Good Earth strays from her Chinese canon in this short story published in He had trained himself to turn over and go to sleep, but this morning it was Christmas, he did not try to sleep. Why did he feel so awake tonight? An icon of Chicana literature and The House on Mango Street author also wrote this short story about theGonzalez family celebrating Christmas in Texas.

They receive a large present, and their imaginations swirl to predict its contents while waiting to open it:. Each night he imagined the box held something different. The day before yesterday he guessed a new record player. Yesterday an ice chest filled with beer. Today the papa sat with his bottle of beer, fanning himself with a magazine, and said in a voice as much a plea as a prophecy: air conditioner.

We were ushered into this banqueting scene with the sound of minstrelsy, the old harper being seated on a stool beside the fireplace and twanging, his instrument with a vast deal more power than melody. Never did Christmas board display a more goodly and gracious assemblage of countenances; those who were not handsome were at least happy, and happiness is a rare improver of your hard-favored visage.

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His witty account addresses the tradition:. Now, a Christmas story should be one.

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For a good many years the ingenious writers have been putting forth tales for the holiday numbers that employed every subtle, evasive, indirect and strategic scheme they could invent to disguise the Christmas flavor. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Lovecraft The horror fiction author, known for his bloodcurdling pulp stories, produced much cheerier poems during the holiday season.

Scott Fitzgerald The Jazz Age writer of The Great Gatsby proves his theme of pitting moral values against affluence emerged in his prep school years. That clearly hasn't been the case since! Last edited: Jun 24, Javier23 Member. Oct 28, 1, Ahhh fuck em. Hope non shit heads on the team land ok but fuck this game. Jan 22, 1, If they're pitching the game for funding, their pitch has gotta be absolutely terrible, or the game is in poor shape, right? Randomly Generated Member. Oct 27, 9, Randomly Generated said:.

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Anyone who touches this game is immediately getting bad PR. Roman Bellic Banned. Jun 13, Uncle Phil, help them! FormatCompatible Member. Oct 25, 7, Besides having the absolute worst fucking idea of all time for a cyberpunk story, what does this game even have aside from some pretty visuals?

To my knowledge they haven't shown anything resembling proper gameplay, I honestly have my doubts this would be engaging from that perspective. Ragnite Member. Oct 27, Companies aren't going to want to support such a controversial game. Crowdfunding is their only hope of getting this game out imo. Kazaam Member. Oct 26, London. Spring-Loaded said:. From who?

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I feel like the amount of people who care enough to shun the game based off its social failings is lower than most people think. All they need to do is release a trailer like the first one and you'd have so many people back on board. Silky Banned. Oct 25, 10, Georgia. Expect the Kickstarter soon.

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Rotobit Member. Oct 27, 4, FormatCompatible said:. Khanimus Avenger.

Oct 25, 15, Greater Vancouver. Fuck em. Hope the rest of that team find some security elsewhere, but fuck Soret's vision. Dash Kappei Member. Nov 1, 1, Threadmarks Official update Index.