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Her new book,Thank You, Bees Candlewick , is a joyful celebration of everyday gifts from nature, including honey, wool, rain and vegetables. Anan Ameri. Her free rebellious spirit permeates these pages providing the reader with a Kaleidoscopic expose of life in these cities. Whether it is through running away from school to take part in political demonstrations or through the travails of her political father, Ameri succeeds in describing the political landscape of wars, political and social turmoil at crucial junctures in the history of the Middle East region.

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The book is a real pleasure to read. I wish my father were still alive so he could read this book. Everyone should read it! Billy Bragg. Skiffle is a music genre rooted in Britain in the s, coming out of World War II, and blending elements of jazz, blues, and folk. Initiated by amateur players obsessed with the blues, jazz, and folk, skiffle lured teenagers obsessed with all things American and eager to dance away post-WWII conformity and deprivation…Ending with a flourish, Bragg convincingly argues for the emotional connection between skiffle and punk rock, something Bragg would know about better than most.

Celeste Ng with Florangela Davila. Florangela Davila, presently managing editor at Crosscut and a longtime journalist of note, will be part of the evening, for conversation and q-and-a. Stephen Greenblatt with Lesley Hazelton. Seattle University - Pigott Auditorium. Comprising only a few ancient verses, the story of Adam and Eve has served as a mirror in which we seem to glimpse the whole, long history of our fears and desires. The biblical origin story, Greenblatt argues, is a model for what the humanities still have to offer: not the scientific nature of things, but rather a deep encounter with problems that have gripped our species for as long as we can recall and that continue to fascinate and trouble us today.

Get Tickets. Walter Stahr. His portrait of Edwin Stanton is fair-minded, rigorous, and scrupulously honest, balancing his sometimes questionable record on civil liberties with the logistical wizardry that he applied to win the Union war effort. Stanton is thus a welcome and significant addition to the ample literature on the Civil War and Reconstruction. Mark Bowden. In the early hours of January 31, , the North Vietnamese launched over one hundred attacks across South Vietnam in what would become known as the Tet Offensive.

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With unprecedented access to war archives in the U. It was the bloodiest battle of the entire war. Played out over 24 days of intense urban combat, it ultimately cost 10, combatant and civilian lives. After it was over, the question was no longer about how America could win the war, but about how it would leave it. Kurt Timmermeister with Nancy Leson. Kurt Timmermeister wants to eat great food.

Food is about context and place and time. Farm Food is my way of bringing this experience to you. Nicholas Kristof with Martha Choe. The Gates Foundation Visitor Center. They will discuss pervasive human rights violations and the oppression of women and girls, while sharing experiences of economic progress when women are empowered to reach their full potential.

The exhibition is on view through January 27, This is a free event but pre-registration is required. ID required and no admissions after pm. Jessica Bruder. Journalist and professor Jessica Bruder may teach at the Columbia School of Journalism but she ventures way out of New York to chronicle the extraordinary story she does in her debut book, Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-first Century W. Today, as Bruder brilliantly reports, we have a new class of nomadic workers who travel in their RVs from one short-term job to another. But surprisingly, Nomadland also offers its residents much-needed camaraderie and adventure, which makes this book a joy to read.

Nomadland is a testament both to the generosity and creativity of the victims of our modern-medieval economy, hidden in plain sight, and to the blunt-end brutality that put them there. Caitlin Doughty. The Summit.

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Caitlin Doughty has spent her life around the dead. With a keen sense of wonder, Doughty also digs deep into death-care innovators who are practicing green burials and composing bodies. The life of the dead is alive, indeed. Saturday University with Sarah Allan.

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Water is described as the source of the sky and the earth in a 4th-century BCE bamboo-slip manuscript. In this talk, Professor Allan will discuss the relationship between the natural world and the formation of cosmological and philosophical ideas in ancient China. Blaine Harden.

A longtime journalist for The New York Times and Washington Post, whose postings have included have included stints at bureau chief in East Asia, Africa, and Warsaw, Blaine Harden has for some time now been living in Seattle and writing serious, well-received books, most recently a series of books on Korea. King of Spies pierces that mystery through the story of a remarkable American operative who took his mission to mind-boggling extremes.

The adventures that fill these pages, from bleak battlefields to the corridors of power, tell us much about how the world really works. His latest, King of Spies, is about a gay, middle school dropout who was one of the few U. Rainier Arts Center.

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With riveting stories and little-known evidence, they demystify how we got here and expose the well-orchestrated effort that has robbed Americans of their rightful power. Even in this divisive time, Americans are uniting across causes and ideologies to create a new democracy movement.

Millions of Americans are leaving despair behind as they push for and achieve historic change. Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Release. Katy E. Her chapbook Gravity was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Masha Gessen with Jill Dougherty. The book is a cautionary tale for our time, and for all time. Gessen will be in conversation with Jill Dougherty, who served as a CNN correspondent for three decades, with an expertise in the post-Soviet region.

Postponed - David Litt. Among other things, David Litt helped President Obama light - and lighten things up - as he was the principal humorist amongst the presidential staff. Even better, he takes us back to a saner more compassionate time when our president liked to read. Garry Wills. Does it justify religious war?

Through the eyes of a sympathetic outsider, Wills will help us frame a night of interfaith dialogue and empathetic curiosity. Art Garfunkel. Neptune Theatre. Cancelled - Rakesh Satyal. For Rakesh Satyal and his winning debut novel, No One Can Pronounce My Name Picador , it is a multi-generational story of an immigrant family - with some decided twists.

Satyal has created a set of characters you'll cheer for. Rakesh Satyal spins a funny and unpredictable multigenerational tale that glitters with warmth and wisdom.

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