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Another storyline is exactly why Leonie left Dublin for San Francisco.

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For me, that is what Melissa does best, revealing the plot slowly and keeping us guessing just what it was that drove Leonie to flee so far away. It was a suitably satisfying reason and I had my mouth open in shock when all was revealed. The characters in Please Forgive Me were fantastic.

Leonie was a great main character and I really liked her. She was immensely likeable and I enjoyed how easy she settled into the American lifestyle. Their friendship came across really well and I could see why they got on so well. There were a few other characters integral to the story including Seth, Marcy, the aforementioned Adam, Andrea, Suzanne as well as Nathan and Helena who are of course completely intergral to the letters part of the story!

The writing is, as always, brilliant. Melissa really has a way with words that makes her books incredibly readable. The book is told from the point of view of both Leonie and Alex as well as a few thrown in from Nathan. The book is told entirely in the present, bar the flashbacks to what went on in Dublin with Leonie and Adam. As always I was surprised with how easy Melissa juggled all of the plots in the book and kept them all up in the air at all times. The ending was fantastic and was worth all of the waiting and build-up.

In one respect I was sad to finish the book but I thought Melissa tied up all of the knots perfectly. The last chapter is everything I had hoped for and more. It finishes the story perfectly. Another outstanding read from Melissa Hill. Every character pissed me off. Leonie for running away from her problems, the ex for chasing after her instead of giving her space, and when we find out the reason for the argument it doesn't even warrant any kind of emotional response from me - Leonie doesn't need to apologise and the ex has nothing to actually be angry about!

An unbelievable waste of time and effort. The only reason it received 2 stars instead of 1 is because I enjoyed the finding of the letters and the unraveling of Painful The only reason it received 2 stars instead of 1 is because I enjoyed the finding of the letters and the unraveling of a love story through history - a nice distraction from the terrible love story at the forefront.

Maybe I'm just a cold hearted bitch - but the entire story could have been wrapped up in two chapters if the two main characters had bothered to sort their lives out instead of arguing over nothing Rant over. Mar 31, Ragnhild rated it did not like it. I can't remember the last time I was unable to finish a book. Halfway through and it still had not gotten to the point of why the main character ran away from her home.

Usually when I read a book I keep thinking about it after I put it down, but not this one.

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Several weeks after start I admit defeat. The book is a chick-flick and will have the predictable happy ending anyway Feb 06, Marie O'Neill rated it it was ok. I found this book to be a bit of a chore. Based around three 'mysteries', the suspense was heavy-handed and the resolutions too easy. I found myself impatient with the clunky cliffhangers and finished the book out of a sense of duty rather than any real desire to find out what happened. View 2 comments. Dec 04, Chloe rated it it was amazing. When she moves into a new home, she finds a box of letters all to the same woman from the same man, Nathan, begging for forgiveness.

Leonie is curious and decides to find out who the mystery recipient is. She enlists the help of her neighbour Alex who has a fair few secrets herself — but is Leonie doing it for Nathan and his love, or to exorcise her own demons once and for all? This book drew me in immediately, and this is mainly due to the brilliant main character of Leonie. Other characters pop up; Seth, Adam, Suzanna, Andrea and more and add so much to the story, they are all vital in their own way. Hill perfectly describes the ever-changing weather, beautiful scenery and day-to-day life of the place and the reader is able to imagine they are sat there with Leonie staring out at the Golden Gate bridge in her bay window!

The letters aspect was completely intriguing and I never in a hundred years would have guessed the eventual outcome of this storyline. I loved every single page and found it hard to put down, even when I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open! The characters are fantastically written, the setting is beautifully written and it is a joy to read.

Although I thought the beginning was a tiny bit slow, I eventually warmed to Leonie and really enjoyed this novel. One of the scenes that really took me by surprise was when Leonie met Suzanne and it was so far from what I was expecting that I loved it as well as the twist from the traditional storyline I had anticipated.

Through their imperfections and insecurities, each character seemed really real to me. Her warm character shines through in her relationship with her best friend back in Ireland as well as with Alex who I thought had her own intriguing storyline I loved the San Francisco setting, not having read a novel taking place there either at all, or in a long time. I look forward to reading more Melissa Hill.

I would have enjoyed this book more if it had been better edited. I am generally forgiving of a few editing errors but this book had one every few pages. Things like missing words, saying woman instead of women, saying the word the twice in a row, etc Beyond the editing issues, I thought the story was cute enough to hold my attention but I'm ultimately not sure that I actually think two out of the three couples did anything "wrong" which made the premise kind of iffy for me.

I do think the bo I would have enjoyed this book more if it had been better edited. I do think the book shows how acting like an impulsive child hurts relationship, which I appreciate, but that was generally in reaction to the "thing done wrong" and no one seemed to think the person who ran did something wrong in doing the running.

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I'd give more books by the author another chance if through a different publisher or editing process, and I do think the author is probably stronger at stories set in Ireland than abroad in the US. Jul 27, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: romance , contemporary. I like the plot line of this story.

It's simple, but there are layers of twists. While we know that that Leonie is running away from her past, her story is deeper than anyone can predict. It's nice that Leonie's story isn't revealed all at once but in sections.

I almost forgot that there are transitions between the past and the present. However, it does drag on at times and because there are so much description, it doesn't appeal to me much. The title Please Forgive Me ties in very nicely to all t I like the plot line of this story.

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I also like the fact that though it's a romance, the romance isn't deeply exaggerated yet Melissa Hill is able to portrayed Nathan's pure feelings for Helena. On the other note, while I'm not particularly picky with grammar, there are many glaringly obvious mistakes.

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  • Some of the sentences are awkwardly worded. The editor should be able to catch up to at least SOME of these mistakes. Jun 21, Muriel rated it did not like it. Two best friends, one in Dublin, one in San Francisco. I live in Dublin, my best friend lives in San Francisco. Apr 17, Karen Whittard rated it really liked it.

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    I love Melissa Hills books. This one was no different. Melissa has amazing writing ability where ever story always touches my soul. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to readinv the next book.

    Jan 01, Susan Buchanan rated it really liked it. Love this author. Aug 15, Ivana rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. Hm, I was sure I was going to give this book a four star review, because I actually liked it quite a lot, until the last 30 pages, when it all went downhill for me. Like, seriously? He is such a weak pushover. And the book makes us believe that she is the one that has done something wrong and needs Adam's forgiveness? The only thing she has done was tell him the freaking truth for crying out loud. An Hm, I was sure I was going to give this book a four star review, because I actually liked it quite a lot, until the last 30 pages, when it all went downhill for me.

    And then she leaves her cool life in San Francisco to marry this pathetic man? To me, not romantic at all I liked Alex as a person, and I liked her story with Seth, and I liked their ending together I was really enjoying this book. But I didn't enjoy the ending so much. I love cheesy. But it wasn't descriptive enough for all the cheesiness.

    I feel like there was certain points where the author needed to elaborate more and never did, for example the letters. Happy everything worked out in the end. I'm the first to try and move away from my problems. But I couldn't believe ho I was really enjoying this book. But I couldn't believe how ridiculous Leonie's reason was.

    Or frankly how she was the one in the wrong Feb 27, Nancy Wilkinson rated it really liked it. Another good read from the always dependable Ms.