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It still saddened me even after good news arrived a few hours later. It made me thinking for a few days how happy I am that my own boy was delivered safely to this world less than two years ago. It made me thinking about what is really important in our lives. It made me appreciate all the little daily joys and occasional sorrows that out little boy brings to my life. Hopefully, things like these will slow you down or even make you stop, to ponder over this question.

The summer has ended, autumn is in full swing. All the nature is winding down and preparing for winter. I encourage you to make such strategic review session with yourself, in a park for instance, watching the reds and yellows of nature gearing itself up for winter.

You may come to very interesting conclusion. Labels: fulfillment , happiness , important things in life , meaning of life , relaxation. I often ask myself, what the really important things in life are. When I look at myself over the last twenty years or so, I see that my goals and motivations were changing. There is a pattern though. It was a very gradual process, but I started realising that I am looking for internal peace and serenity.

In my case, the tension is most likely created by stress balancing work, family, leisure, individual pursuits, you know that yourself. So my attitude evolved to yearn for a more peaceful life. This peacefulness is not equivalent to lack of action. The peacefulness is rather a freedom from worry. It is hard to define, but it just feels good. It is a sense of not having to be concerned about what is going to happen tomorrow, just a pleasant feeling of being present today, right now. Especially feeling light at your chest, which stores a lot of tension.

Strange enough, this nice sensation is really like feeling nothing in a positive way. You probably usually notice your body when something is not ok, when there is a pain or discomfort. And it is something really pleasant. To achieve that, work both on your body health and fitness and mind is required. I do get that great feeling every now and then. I am trying to replicate that feeling more often. It is still an early part of the journey, but I hope I will get there some day.

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I noticed there are a few things that bring about this nice feeling of tranquillity. I usually get it when spending time with my family, my friends, or in a location that is close to nature, or doing some meditation to mention just a few main ones.

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Being with my family is one of the best things that happened in my life. My son was born over a year ago and every minute spent with him fills me with joy and happiness. There is an odd nappy here and there though, and a few sleepless nights as well, no doubt about it, but the joy of interacting with my child and seeing him grow and develop compensates for it with interest. I thank the Almighty for this blessing frequently. When spending time with my family, I forget about all other daily worries. The time with the family may even be as simple as for example a walk in a park. And it really works, but you need to immerse yourself in the activity.

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Similar applies to spending time with friends. It gives me a sense of belonging to a greater something, which infuses me with a nice feeling of being respected and appreciated by the group. This in turn provides me with a sort of confidence and the resulting serenity and peace of mind. Or perhaps it is just because it is simply a great fun. I also like visiting places away from urban landscape, i. I often ponder about the hundreds of years, or sometimes even millions of years, that were required to create the natural landscape we live in today.

And suddenly my problems seem to fade away, as if I was just a tiny speck in the universe.


I am deeply respectful of the might of the nature and I think the interaction with it helps me to get grounded, to build a solid foundation in my day to day life. And finally, a few minutes meditation can make a difference as well. I have been experimenting in the last two years or so with various modes of mediation to find the one that suits me. Still work in progress, but I encourage you to find your own style that suits you, to reconnect with your inner self, to find inner peace.

Every person in the world is unique. Every person has a different set of experiences they were through and different set of circumstances they are in. Have I discovered something new? Is the list of things that really matter complete? Will it ever be complete?

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No, probably not. These are the ones that work for me. The things that really matter for you may be different from the ones that matter for me. Why not have a go and try if the ideas above work for you?

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You might be surprised. Or even better, you might discover on your own what is really important in your life. Labels: fulfillment , meditation , relax , stress. Sunday, 30 December Little things add up. Most of us are blessed with health and relative happiness. By hardship I mean being an orphan, terminally ill or something similar. Oftentimes, only by direct comparison do we see how little our problems are. Over 50 volunteers from a number of companies were decorating the Hospice for Christmas.

One of the employees of the Hospice told us that Christmas decorations make a big difference to children, introducing festive atmosphere amidst otherwise not so happy circumstances hospice. It was quite a memorable experience for me. And rewarding as well. I could really feel I am part of something larger, working with other 50 something people decorating the Hospice. The world could be so much different if all of us could somehow contribute to some greater cause any cause , at least a little.

But small donations would definitely help. Not a big deal, but I am happy and satisfied that I can contribute, however modest my contribution is. I can imagine regular donations are preferred mode, as they give charities revenue stability and allow for better planning. These little things really do add up and make a difference.

There is a number of ways people can help. Three come to my mind immediately — monetary donation, donating clothes and other unwanted stuff to be sold in charity shops, and volunteering your time. To leverage the monetary donation even further — you may provide your tax details to the selected charity to avail of tax refund possible in many countries. It is probably difficult to make the first step, but once you got sucked in, it gets easier.

Do some research yourself, find your favourite charity, and donate or help. One of the main reasons, to my mind, is the pleasure of giving and the desire to help. I have been working very hard all my life and it starts paying off. I have been blessed with many things in my lifetime and giving is my way of thanking for these blessings. My life is not perfect in every respect, but I am very thankful for all the good little things that come my way.

I have recently encountered an interesting reciprocity rule — you can increase your wealth not only in monetary terms by exercising the act of giving. But it was sort of completely new concept for me nonetheless. The sources I read stated it is prerequisite to give first to receive something later. And it seems to be working for every dimension of our lives monetary, spiritual, emotional, etc.

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When somebody creates a new business venture, they put into it a lot of time and effort and sometimes money without any initial gratification. The gratification is delayed, and entrepreneurs receive rewards after they had given a lot. Another example — building relationships: it may take years without any instant benefit, but once the relationship is in place, the skies open. So it seems to be both intuitive and empirically proven that by giving we can multiply the blessings we get not only monetary riches, need to emphasize it once more.

A lot changed in my life when my little son was born earlier this year.